Bronze Chimes: Poems after Alfred Starr Hamilton

In 2015 Cedar and I went over to Matt Connor’s house for a small dinner party. Roddy Bottum, Shannon Michael-Cane, Cali Dewitt and Jenna were also in attendance. Cedar and I were discussing our love for the poet Alfred Starr Hamilton and how his poems sometimes feel like glittering, unfinished lists that poets can use to trigger entirely new works. I was first introduced to Hamilton’s poetry via the book A Dark Dreambox of Another Kind, The Poems of Alfred Starr Hamilton put out by The Song Cave. Over dinner Cedar mentioned that he had made the book required reading for a recent workshop and that many of the students were writing poems in Hamilton's wonderfully eccentric style. Shannon then said, “You should make a book of all those poems for the fair" And so we did.


Abbigail Baldys
Joshua Beckman
David Brazil
Peter Burghardt
Melissa Burke
Garrett Caples
Mary Cisper
Norma Cole
Nicholas Cuzzi
Kelly Egan
Ben Estes
Jennifer Foerster
Kelly Gemmill
Frank Haines
Johnny Ray Huston
Colter Jacobsen
Joanne Kyger
Raina J. León
Brian Marr
Jackson Meazle
Julien Poirier
Coco Roland
Rod Roland
Cedar Sigo

Edited by Frank Haines