-Solo Exhibits
-Curated Exhibits/Performances/Readings
-2 Person & Group Exhibitions

Frank Haines, Andreas Melas Projects, Athens, Greece
Under the Shadow of the Wing of the Thing, Lisa Cooley, New York, NY

Frame, Frieze Art Fair, London, UK

Form is the Graveyard of Consciousness, Lisa Cooley, New York, NY

L Francis and The Fertile Grid, Three Walls, Chicago, Illinois.

Crustacean in the Hall of Furies, Locust Projects, Miami, Florida.

An Evening of Invited Guidance, Jack Hanley, San Francisco, California
ArtChicago Project Space, Presented by Jack Hanley, Chicago, Illinois 

The Dimension of Deathminister Fuller, Quotidian Gallery,  San Francisco, California

I Was Born With the Hammer Down, Quotidian Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Sandy Smiles, Sultan Room, Brooklyn, NY
Suzy & Sandy, Aeon Bookstore, New York, NY
Bed Tundee (with Christeene) Austin Other Festival
Nastie Band, Daggers Magazine Release, Brooklyn, NY

Sandy Smiles, Aeon Bookstore, New York, NY
Sandy Smiles, The Canby, Los Angeles, California
Sandy Smiles, Now Instant Image Hall, Los Angeles, California
Sandy Smiles, Ore Bar, Brooklyn, NY
Suzy & Sandy, Weirdo Night with Dynasty Handbag, Los Angeles, CA
Nastie Band, Park Church Co-Op, Brooklyn, NY
Nastie Band, Brooklyn Bazaar, Brooklyn , NY
Bed Tundee (with Christeene), Baby’s All Right, Brooklyn, NY
Bed Tundee (with Christeene), MANA Art Center, Jersey City, NJ
Bed Tundee (with Christeene), Knockdown Center, Brooklyn, NY
Bed Tundee (with Christeene), Tom of Finland House, Los Angeles, CA
Bed Tundee (with Christeene), Lethal Amounts, Los Angeles, CA
Bed Tundee (with Christeene), Brooklyn Bazaar, Brooklyn , NY

Sandy Smiles, Essex Flowers, New York, NY
Sandy Smiles, Club Cummings, New York, NY
Sandy Smiles, AU, Vienna, Austria
Sandy Smiles, WestGermany, Berlin, Germany
Sandy Smiles, Worm, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Sandy Smiles, Latraac, Athens, Greece

Sandy Smiles, Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, California
Sandy Smiles, Demo Gallery, Austin, Texas
Sandy Smiles, Situations NY, NY
Nastie Band, Union Pool Residency
Nastie Band, Washington DC Pride

Nastie Band, Park Church Co-Op, Brooklyn, NY
Blanko & Noiry, Shipwrecked in Sodom, Essex Flowers, NY, NY
Blanko & Noiry, Nothing But Noise, 538 Johnson, Brooklyn, NY
Nastie Band, Union Pool, Brooklyn, NY

Sasquatch, The Opera by Roddy Bottum, Roulette, Brooklyn, NY Blanko & Noiry with Nasty Band, Union Pool, Brooklyn, NY

Nocturnal Rites (with Reuben Lorch-Miller & Robbie Macdonald) , Shandaken Artist Residency, Shandaken, NY
Francis Heinzfeler, Glasslands, Brooklyn, NY
Weird Miami Bus Tour, Bas Fisher Invitational, Miami, FL
Blanko & Noiry, Ortega y Gasset, Brooklyn, NY

Zeena Schreck – Live From the Eye of The Storm, Performa13, Community Church of New York, NY 

Blanko & Noiry, Basillica Music Festival, Hudson, NY
Francis Heinzfeller, The Knockout, San Francisco, CA
Francis Heinzfeller, Pyramid Club, New York

Francis Heinzfeller, Santos Party Haus, New York
Francis Heinzfeller, In the woods near Delhi, New York
Francis Heinzfeller, Basso, Berlin, Germany

Genesis P Orridge Closing Party, Performance at Slipper Room, New York
Barefoot in the Head (Performa09), BruceHighQualityFoundation, New York
Blood Transfusion for a Ghost, PS1, MOMA,  Long Island City, New York

Creative Time VS., curated by Mark Beasley, 205 Club, New York
Blanko and Noiry, Charles Renfro Loft, organized by Lisa Cooley, Brooklyn, NY

Blanko and Noiry, NADA Party, Sagamore Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida
Autumnal Equinox Ceremony, Legion Barn, Catskills National Park, New York
L Francis and The Fertile Grid, Three Walls, Chicago, Illinois


Free Association, (Curated by New Discretions),  Affective Care (Ketamine Clinic), NY, NY

Aural Vision (with Joe Denardo & Ryan Sawyer), Wonders of Nature, Brooklyn, NY
Mariah Dekkenga & Frank Haines at Aetopoulos Athens, Greece
Ruminations, Meditations and The Homeostasis (curated by Chris Johanson), Altman Siegel, San Francisco, CA

Frank Haines & Jerry the Marble Faun, Second Floor Projects/Luggage Store Gallery, SF, CA 6 Years of Shandaken, Phillips, NY, NY
Suitcase Show, Safe and Situations, Aetopoulos, Athens, Greece
Cedar Sigo & Frank Haines, Land and Sea, Oakland, CA

Last Rose of Summer, Safe Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Casino Cabaret, Safe Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Language of the Birds: Occult and Art, NYU 80 WSE Gallery, NY. NY
Russian Doll, M&B, Los Angeles, CA
12 x 12 x 12, Black Ball Projects, NY, NY
Pattern:::Chaos, Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2.5 Hours from GWB, Orphic Gallery, Roxbury, NY
Last Daze, Space, Portland, Maine
Teeth Gnash Tennessee, Invisible Exports, NY, NY

Shandaken Project 3 Year Retrospective, 59 East 4th St, NY NY
Botanica, Invisible Exports Gallery, NY, NY
Purple States, Andrew Edlin Gallery, NY, NY

Peace Off Brain (with Christopher Garrett), Bas Fisher Invitational, Miami, FL Elements, Rudiments and Principles , Boston University Art Gallery, Boston, MA
As A Shadow Smiles, Jackie Klempay Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Today, Lisa Cooley Gallery, New York

The Unseen: gonzo, curated by Adela Leibowitz, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, California

Graphic Impressions, B Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
EAF 10: 2010, Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, New York
Green Honey, Ramiken Crucible, New York
To Believe, La Mama La Galleria, New York
Dark: A Show to Winter, Fourteen30 Contemporary,Portland (catalogue)

Unnaming of Parts, Blackston Gallery, New York
Artists of the Gallery, Krinzinger Galerie, Vienna, Austria

David Enos, Frank Haines, Wayne Smith, Second Floor Projects San Francisco, California Creswell Crags, Lisa Cooley, New York, New York
Andy Coolquitt, Frank Haines, William J. O’Brien, Krinzinger Projekte,Vienna, Austria.
Andy Coolquitt, Frank Haines, at Lisa Cooley, New York, New York

DEAF 2, Curated by Peter Coffin, Frank Elbaz Galerie, Paris, France

Backroom Show, New Image Arts, Los Angeles, California

There’s a City In My Mind, Southfirst, Brooklyn, New York.
4 Color Pen Show, Van Harrison Gallery, Chicago, Illinois.

Frenzy 2, Luggage Store, San Francisco, California
4 Color Pen Show, Locust Projects, Miami, Florida
Street Sheet Benefit, San Francisco, California
Monster Drawing Rally, Southern Exposure, San Francisco, California
Frieze Art Fair Video Selections, London, England

Revealing Influences: Conversations with Bay Area Artists Museum of Craft and Folk Art, San Francisco, California Makeshift World, Stephen Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco, California Monster Drawing Rally, Southern Exposure, San Francisco, California
Close Calls, Headlands Center for the Arts, Sausalito, California.
Daily Special Video Series, Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco, California
Peace Show, Adobe Books, San Francisco, California.
Pretendlings, New Langton Arts, San Francisco, California

Bay Area Now 3, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, California
Axis of Good, ZDB Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal
Blood and Violence (with John Rogers), Quotidian Gallery, San Francisco, California
Shove Off to Birthday Island, Ardency Gallery, Oakland, California
WYSIWYG? (with Reuben Lorch Miller), Oakland Art Gallery, Oakland, California
Beacons of Psychic Departure, Jack Hanley Gallery, San Francisco, California
Weird World (with Reuben Lorch Miller), Headlands Center for the Arts, Sausalito, California
Castles, Cars, and Cassettes, Mesh Gallery, Sebastopol, California


An Inventory of Lucifer's Grotto, curated with Jackie Klempay, Jackie Klempay Gallery, Brooklyn, NY (catalog)

Blood Transfusion for a Ghost, Moma/Ps1, Long Island City, NY

Sunshine State, Quotidian Gallery, San Francisco, CA

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Virginia State University, Visiting Artist


The Shandaken Project, Shandaken, NY

Lenikus Residency, Vienna Austria

Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder, Trondheim, Norway
Threewalls, Chicago, Illinois.


I’ve published artist books and editions since 2014 and participated in numerous art book fairs.

Selected books / publications / editions:

Pretend You’re Actually Alive - Alissa Bennett
I Expected Something Nice – Alissa Bennett
Bad Behavior – Alissa Bennett
Dead is Better 2 – Legalize Crime by Alissa Bennett
Dead is Better by Alissa Bennett
Dead is Better Audio Book – Alissa Bennett and Bjarne Melgaard

Totally My Ass - Alison Gingeras

Friend of Dorothy T Shirt – McDermott & McGough

Jane - Jane Kaplowitz (with Fortnight Institute)

Salvador Dali - Elisabeth Kley

Figure Out - Jamieson Webster and Marcus Coelen

The Pain Center - Mark Cross

Don’t Memorize the Leaves – Christopher Garrett

Rock and Roll Terrorist (with Nico Vascellari / Coda Lunga, Rome)

Jimmy Wright 1974 (with Fierman Gallery)

The Dead Supreme – Scott Covert

Some Random Images Left by Dead People on my Computer 2005-2016 – Banks Violette

The Range – Alexa Adams & Flora Gill

Sculpture – Reuben Lorch Miller

King Love – Frank Haines

Brise Marine (with Cedar Sigo) Translations of Mallarmé's Brise Marine

Spirit Animals – Christeene

Wolves & Villagers - Micki Pellerano

Bronze Chimes, Poems after Alfred Starr Hamilton (with Cedar Sigo)

Jerry The Marble Faun of Grey Gardens (with Jackie Klempay)

Tabboo! (with Situations Gallery)

Raynes Birkbeck (with Situations Gallery)

Isolation Party – Photographs by Reuben Lorch-Miller

The Zaum of Zeena (with Zeena Schreck)

Class Up! The films of Steve Hall and Cathee Wilkins

Frank Exchanges – Conversations with 26 artists.


BFA Studio Art, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL
MFA New Genres, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA