In October 2010 I was in Berlin.  
There were no clouds in the sky.
I was sitting in Treptower park at the base of the Yevgeny Vuchetich sculpture.
I was listening to Wolf Eyes.
I was thinking about the ophidian vibrations that emanated from the dark corners of Berghain.
At this juncture Francis Heinzfeller appeared.
I heard his voice for the rest of that day.
Heinzfeller appeared 5 times then left.

June 17 2011
Basso, Berlin, Deutschland

Summer 2011
On a rock at night in the woods of Delhi, New York 

Halloween 2011
Santos Party House, NYC

February 2012
Pyramid Club, NYC

August 2012
The Knockout, San Francisco

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Heinzfeller in Artforum