I read Joe Brainard's I Remember on the bus ride to do my last Vipassana sit. As I sat for hours meditating I realised I wanted to use the same writing format (characterized by Cedar as "weightless) to chronicle my fucked up Florida teen years, when the war on drugs was reaching the first of many peaks. I did a bunch of weird shit with my teen punk friends, then ended up getting put into two terrible drug rehabs (one for 13 months) that fucked up my brain and beat me into being a born again christian. Random violence is a theme that runs throughout this time, and I'm grateful that I escaped the Space Coast. This book was published by Old Gold and debuted at the NY ARt Book Fair.

5.5 x 8.5 inches
80 pages
Black and white photocopy with color cover
First edition of 200 copies


Interview with Drug Positive podcast

Sample pages

A chapbook of essaysfocusing on relationships with art, antiquity and chemicals during Sandy Smiles’  5 week European tour.

After visiting the Oracle of Delphi, a peculiar sense of euphoria followed me around the continent. I felt old stones vibrating in mutual recognition.

Old blood, pagan altars and entheogens.

8.5 x 5.5 inches
First Edition: 100 copies
64 pages


Sample pages


Time, in the Shadow of the Thing
(originally appeared in F Magazine, Celebrity issue)

Burn Most Men
(originally appeared in the catalog “Selections from the collection of Larry V. Nurre” published in conjuction with Dominic Nurre’s solo show of the same name at Fierman Gallery, NYC)

Metaphor of Sendr Recvr 
(originally appeared in F Magazine, Spirit issue)