I designed this shirt of Zeena as The High Priestess of Seth (which she is).
This is the first authorized Zeena shirt to exist (there have been a bunch of bootlegs) with proceeds actually going to her.

A more detailed description from Zeena:  
'Launched in time for Valentine's Day and Lupercalia, this garment is no ordinary t-shirt.
It's a magical talisman combining all the symbolism necessary to foster blissful union of the initiate's inner male-female erotic-war deity energies represented by Seth And His secret consort Inanna and presided over by their High Priestess in this era, Zeena.
The human mind is always at war with itself because the inner masculine-feminine polarities are not united but divided. As a result, the inner conflicts translate to outer destructive behavior and actions. Donning this article of clothing should be regarded as a ritual homage to the wearer's yet-to-be indestructible, non-dual state of perfect peace and spiritual completion
(Š-L-M ). A reminder that Liberation and Enlightenment comes when opposing forces become one.
For those not well versed in tantric practices, Gnosticism, ancient mythology and Magical Theurgy, it's also just a damn cool design to have in your collection!

Devendra Banhart bathing body and mind in Shakti blessings after the LA Art Book Fair 2016.